Latvian LLC Ready Made Company


Ready made company transfer process:

  1. We gather information from new company owners and prapare documentation
    1 day
  2. New owner signs documents with notary and sends them to us. (this step is not needed if signed electronically)
    4 days
  3. We sign documents from our side and submit them to Commercial Registry where they are procesed. (for extra fee at commercial reigstry they will make changes in 1 day)
    3 working days
  4. Transfer is complete and we can give documentation to you!
    0 days

Latvian Taxes

Tax Percentage Description
Value Added Tax in Latvia (VAT) 21.00% VAT is added to all services and goods when purchased by consumption. This tax is imposed in all European Union. This is indirect tax.
Enterprise Income Tax in Latvia 15.00% All legal entities and non-resident establishments has to pay income tax.
Personal Income Tax in Latvia 23.00% Each individual person has to pay it from all income.
State Social Insurance Mandatory Contributions 34.09% Tax can depend on different person groups.
Microenterprise Tax | Microcompany Tax 9.00% Tax is implied for all revenues. This is special tax that's only paid by companies with Microenterprise status. With this status company doesn't need to pay Enterprise income tax.
Real Estate Tax in Latvia 1.5% Tax is implied for cadastral value from property. Tax for residential properties are lower and depends on price levels.

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