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What is Shelf Company or Ready Made Company?

Shelf company is previously registered entity which has no previous history. Company has no debt and was registered for sole reason to be sold later. Sometimes people buy Ready made companies for their age and privious revenues, but at aquasition time company has removed all its assets and liabilities.

In English these companies are called in many names: ready-made companies, shelf companies, shell companies and aged corporations. All of them are meant to exist for acquisition and later use.

Benefits of buying Shelf company!

The main benefit for buying shelf company is saved time. When you buy ready made company you don't have to wait till its registered, till it gets nececery certificates and VAT numbers. There are also other important reasons:

  • trust – if company is old there will be bigger trust from your partners and clients,
  • shelf company can easer get credit from banks because it has privious history,
  • shelf company is eligible for government contracts because many times these contests requere privious history,
  • shelf company can be much more attractive to potential investors if its registered long time ago.

How much costs Shelf company?

Main factor for pricing is location for company. If its registered in western europe it will be more expensive than if its registered in Eastern Europe or offshore zones. There are following costs positions that count into pricing, make sure you know everyone of them when purchasing company:

  1. Accounting
  2. Company price
  3. Virtual office price for year
  4. Annual report costs
  5. Nominee director costs

From what to be careful when buying shelf company?

  • You should buy aged coorporations only from trusted sources because there is chance that company has debt or liabilities at the time of transfer. Our accounting department always go through vigorous audit process so you can be sure company is clean.

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