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We provide IT solutions and marketing services. As our company grows, we regularly need legal services. For a long time, we have been working with team, which quickly solves everything we need for a commercial registry. We are satisfied with the quality and service we receive.

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Arturs Rasnacis
Board member of SIA Cunami Web
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Very quick and friendly service. I’m pleased that communication takes place in hours, not days. The first time the company was founded, there was a lot of confusion, but I always got the information I needed. If there were some difficulties, they quickly resolved the problem and the necessary documents were received. Thank you.

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Jānis Gorjačko
Board member of SIA JG Fitness
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We have been working with team for several years, which helps us solve legal issues. When we need to provide documentation for the commercial registry, or if we have any questions, we always know that we will get the expected results quickly.

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Kristīne Gržibovska
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With e-signature


If you can make e-signature in EU or USA, we can do remote registration.

  • Company registration
  • Registry fees included
  • Consulting included
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With notary in your country


Sign documents in any country with notary and send them to us

  • Company registration
  • Registry fees included
  • Consulting included
  • Submission in registry included
  • POA services included
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With notary in Riga Latvia


Visit Riga for 1 day and we will register your company

  • Company registration
  • Registry fees included
  • Consulting included
  • Submission in registry included
  • Notary visit included
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Complementary services

Legal address rental

from 400 EUR/year

We provide legal address rental in Riga. Scanning and storing letters are included.

VAT registration

140 EUR

Full VAT registration and consulting. Dedicated agent with at least 3 years of experience.


from 35-100 EUR/month

From small to medium size business needs we can help with international accounting.

Bank account

190 EUR

Remote account opening based on your business needs.

Document originals

from 30 EUR

Documents such as articles of association, registry extract, registration certificate etc.

Changes in company

100 EUR

Changes such as owner change, board change, company name change etc.

Cryptocurrency licence

Request quote

We provide Cryptocurrency exchange licence and Cryptocurrency wallet licence services.


190 EUR

Safe and clean company liquidation in case you no more need company.

Virtual secretary

from 30 EUR/month

Dedicated agent number in Latvia for your clients and partners to leave messages.


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We provide expertise with licenses such as: Cryptocurrency exchange license; Forex license; Electronic money license, etc. merchant account

140 EUR

All documentation for company and consultation to get your merchant account up and running.

Credit card processing account

140 EUR

We will help to get Visa, Mastercard processing permission for your ecommerce store.

Registration process



1 day

In the same day when we receive information from you we will send documents that will be needed for signing. We always give consultation before.



1 day

Document signing can be done in 3 ways. A) signed remotely with EU or USA e-signature. B) Signed in Riga, Latvia with notary. C) Signed in your country with notary and then send documents to our office.



1 day

Remote company registration in Latvia will be done in next day after we submit signed documents. Latvian commercial registry is one of the fastest in Europe.


Bank account

1 day

Remote account opening for your Latvian LLC. We will also help with Visa, Mastercard forms for your company needs.


VAT registration

5-10 working days

Remote VAT registration in Latvia for your EU transactions. We will consult and fill all the necessary documentation to register VAT as fast as possible.


All done!


You can start writing invoices to your clients. And we will keep you updated about all news and accounting reports.

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Advantages of Latvian LLC company

There are many reasons why to choose Latvia for your Company registration. If you can’t decide which jurisdiction suits you, contact us.

  • Profit tax 0% if not taken out
  • Low registration and maintenance costs
  • Fast registration (in 1 day)
  • Company is in European Union
  • Ability to open company and account remotely
Taxes in Latvia 2018Types of incorporationE-signature

Taxes in Latvia 2019


Profit tax

Since 2018 companies in Latvia doesn’t pay profit tax. If money is kept in company there are no taxes. This is practice to incentivise investments in company instead of taking dividends.


Dividend tax

With the new tax regime in Latvia from 2018 dividend tax is a little higher. This is to compensate for 0% profit tax.


Value added tax

This is a consumption tax that is included in the price of a good or service and is paid by the final consumer of the good or service.


Micro company tax

Microcompany tax has to be paid only if company has microcompany status. Status can be obtained or removed once a year. At Company registration in Latvia you have to decide if you need this status. Tax has to be paid from all income. If company has microcompany status it doesn’t need to pay profit tax or salary taxes.

For more tax information please contact our team. We will consult and find best solution for your business needs. We didn’t include taxes for salaries as they are more complex and can be misleading if not calculated properly. If done correctly Company registration in Latvia is most cost effective solution in Europe.

Types of incorporation in Latvia


Limited liability company

In Latvian “Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību (SIA)”. This type of company is most common and recognizable. More than 90% of clients chose this form both for trading and holding company purposes. Taxation for LLC in Latvia is very favorable because of new 0% profit tax. We expect LLC in Latvia will be one of most popular European company types for a while.


Joint-stock company

In Latvian “Akciju sabiedrība (AS)”. Company is closed stock company and not in public trading. This type of company is most common in large companies which has complex and large shareholder structure. To register Joint-stock company in Latvia capital has to be paid in advance for 35 000 EUR. For full information contact our dedicated Agency in Riga.

Branch of a Foreign Company

Foreign company branch in Latvia is a great way to do commercial activities in Latvia with local company while maintaining control through mother company.

Individual merchant

Individual merchant in Latvia is not legal person. Also person is responsible with his private property. This is why most founders don’t chose this business type. We rarely recommend it to our clients. Only in very rare cases.


Foundation in Latvia is non-profit organization type. Goal of foundation is to allocate assets and employees to achieve its goals that has to be defined at articles of association.


Association in Latvia is non-profit organization type. Association is union of people that has common goal. Association can employ people and allocate assets to achieve its goals that has to be defined in articles of association.

Foreign Representative office

Representative office in Latvia doesn’t actually do commercial activities. Purpose of it is to advertise and represent company in region. It can’t wright invoices and do trading activities. Only employ representatives and pay for their representative activities.

E-signature for remote Company registration in Latvia

Latvian commercial registry accepts all European Union e-signatures. This means we can provide remote Company registration in Latvia for whole Europe.

Best way to find your e-signature provider is to look into EU trusted provider browser. Here is official link:

In case you don’t have e-signature or you can’t find e-signature service in your country contact our agent in Riga. Most likely we have worked with your country before and can guide in fast e-signature registration.

Remote Company registration in Latvia will allow you to register company just in 1 day.

AccountingLLC structureCompany capitalDocuments needed

Accounting for Latvian company

From 35 EUR

Accounting services

Our accounting services start only from 35 EUR/month if you don’t have any activity in company. As soon as you have active commercial activity we will sign contract and prices will be regular. For full pricing contact our team in Riga.

Personal liability of shareholders

Shareholders and board of Latvian company is not responsible for debt or commitments of company. This is common practice for all Limited Liability Companies.


Latvian company needs audit only if one of following is true in given year.

  1. Annual revenue is 1 600 000 EUR or more.
  2. Company balance sheet at the end of year is 800 000 EUR or more.
  3. Average number of employees are 50 or more.

Our accounting department will consult about audit options and provide full service in case you need one.

LLC structure in Latvia

Shareholders (founders)

Shareholders in Latvian company control board through “shareholder meeting”. Shareholder meeting decision is valid if more than 50% of shareholders have voted positive for decision (unless mentioned otherwise in articles of association). There is no restrictions of whom to sell shares. Shareholders also can be legal persons.

Shareholders exercise their powers through the board, by hiring or firing board members and giving them guidance. Shareholders don’t have ability to sign contracts, open bank account etc. For this reason shareholders don’t have direct responsibility for company activities.

*if company capital is bellow 2800 EUR maximum number of shareholders are 5.


It is mandatory for company to have board. Minimum is 1 member. Members can have power to represent company separately or only with x number of other board members. Each board member can have different authority power in company.

Board member responsibilities are to manage company, hire employees, sign contracts, wright invoices etc.

*if company capital is bellow 2800 EUR maximum number of board members are 5 and each board member has to also shareholder.


In Latvian company council is not mandatory. Rarely our clients chose to have council. If needed we can consult on council roles for Latvian company and for reasons to have council. Contact our team in Riga for more information.

Company capital for Latvian company

Capital bellow 2800 EUR

Company capital for Latvian company can be from 1EUR. If capital is from 1 to 2799 EUR capital doesn’t need to be paid in temporary bank account. It also won’t need to be paid in bank account after registration. If capital if bellow 2800 EUR, company has three restrictions: A) All board members have to shareholders. B) Maximum number of shareholders and board members are 5. C) Company shareholders can only be private persons.

Capital 2800+ EUR

If capital is 2800 EUR or above there is no restrictions for company. If you don’t want to invest 2800 EUR in company bank account we can make documents without this requirement. Important to note that if company is registered with capital of 2800 EUR registry fees are a little higher. We will explain why and how much.

Documents needed

For us to start remote Company registration in Latvia we will need:

  • Passport or ID card copy
  • Full residency address
  • Desired company name (we will check for availability)
  • Legal address (only if you don’t rent from us)
  • Description of commercial activities
  • Email and phone number as company contact information (it won’t be public)

For VAT registration in Latvia we will need:

  • Detailed description of commercial activities in Latvia
  • Reason why you need VAT number (we can do it for you)
  • Small list of partners, clients or suppliers with their registration numbers
  • Email and phone number for Tax office to reach board members

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